Professional Indemnity Insurance for Financial Advisers and mortgage brokers

Whether you are looking to upgrade, invest, refinance or buy your first home, Mortgage Link can help find a loan solution that suits your needs here by Mentioning the link Mortgage Protection Insurance is designed to cover your mortgage repayments should you lose your income due to an illness, accident, or death. Take the ‘what-if’ worry out of your hard-earned holiday by getting Travel Insurance in advance.

Runoff is an annually renewable policy, the premiums will usually reduce each year to reflect the reducing exposure to insurers. When you’re in regular contact with your customers, they’re more likely to think of you when they’re ready to refinance or take out a home equity loan or buy a lake house. They’re more likely to forward your friendly email to a neighbor who recently asked for broker recommendations. Even when everything goes smoothly, borrowers have to jump through a lot of hoops and meet tight deadlines – including providing proof of homeowners insurance – to ensure they get the funding they need for the home they want. To underpin the long-term stability of their business, CGU holds capital over and above that required by Australia’s Prudential Regulator.

Howden’s Professional Indemnity team places over £160m of premium into the PII markets each year. I am learning so much that is helping me improve in my appraisal practice and increase the quality of my reports and workfile, thus reducing my exposure to lawsuits. I was an OREP customer in the past and because of the benefits, I will be back at renewal time. “I continue to renew with your company because of the exceptional service you provide. It’s inevitable that at some point in a company’s lifespan an error will occur that will cause financial damage or loss to a client.

We have designed the Insurance application process so it only takes an average of 5 minutes to complete your application. In most cases, your application will be instantly approved online, and you can print your Confirmation of Insurance to prove that you have the requisite cover in place… All other documentation, such as your tax invoice, policy schedule, and wording will be emailed directly to you for your records. Some claims can take up to more than five years to settle, resulting in a large legal and potential damages bill. This is where PI insurance comes in handy, as defending a claim could be expensive.

A) Obtain separate E&O insurance policies for their mortgage brokerage and administrator activities. Each policy must provide coverage of at least $500,000 in respect of any one occurrence and $1 million in respect of all occurrences in a given year. There is a great deal involved in processing a loan with the potential for a claim or litigation if a customer emerges dissatisfied. Axis offers Mortgage Bankers E&O insurance, also known as Professional Liability insurance, that is tailored to individual risks – whether you offer multiple professional services or focus on one area. E&O coverage is designed to protect you from mistakes that can occur during the entire loan process – from the origination through the closing of a loan.

Our PI specialists have relationships with all PI Insurers in the market and will negotiate the most suitable cover and cost-effective premium for you. We can also provide quotations and arrange your Public Liability Insurance, Office Insurance, and other Business Insurances you require. While most insurance policies are optional purchases, some PI policies are required by law to be bought by certain professionals to run their business. Mostly lawyers, doctors, accountants, financial advisors, and web developers purchase PI policies to protect their business and personal assets. However, PI policies have now been extended across a wide range of industries and are also being bought by professionals or businesses to look after their employees.

If you are purchasing any Insurance online, you should make a determined effort to carefully read the documentation sent to you. We won’t provide online quotes for this class of business but you can download an application form and submit it to us by fax, post, or email to obtain a quotation. Professional Indemnity Insurance also provides for the defense costs, including when the legal action turns out to be frivolous.

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