Wooden Learning Puzzles

Younger kids will enjoy playing with all the animals and older children can be challenged to complete the parade puzzle. The beechwood storage box holds all the animals and looks bright and colorful in a playroom or displayed on a bookshelf. Best for older kids, this 3D wooden puzzle helps develop hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, focus, concentrationand .

Jigsaw puzzles for children are one of my favourite resources for young children. They come in all shapes and sizes, and vary in difficulty, making them appropriate for a wide variety of ages, even into adulthood. A colourful, detailed 48 piece large floor puzzle of a fascinating African safari scene with animals, hides and a jeep. Build your own 3D model tyrannosaurus from pre-cut card pieces and glue.

Measuring 3 feet x 2 feet when complete, this oversize puzzle is colorful and informative. Knob puzzles typically cover simple images like basic vehicles, fruits, and geometric shapes. They also feature relatively few pieces which are usually in the range of 3-8. Knobbed puzzles are hands down the simplest kind of puzzle available out there for children. Just like all inset puzzles, the pieces are typically non-connecting and fit on a board that’s made from wood. A colourful, detailed 48 piece large floor puzzle of a fascinating farm scene with animals, farm buildings and tractor.

With jigsaw puzzles in a wide range of difficulties and themes there’s something for every child in the Creative Child range. Dinosaurs, construction and fairies are just a few that offer the perfect challenge for young children. You’ll also find classic puzzles that help developing minds with farmyard animal peg puzzles, alphabet games and much more. As with other fine motor activities, make sure the size of the pieces is appropriate for a child’s age and development. Younger children need to practise with larger puzzle pieces before they can learn to handle small ones.

Puzzles are one of those toys that cross over both and have the added benefit of being fun for the whole family. Puzzles are also an amazing tool to build hand-eye coordination, grow logic and spatial skills, and encourage kids to enjoy some screen-free time. No matter your child’s age, skill level, or interest, there’s a puzzle out there that they will enjoy.

These are just some of the many benefits of jigsaw puzzles for children. Build your own 3D model parrot from colourful, numbered pre-cut card pieces and glue. Build self-esteem, letter and name recognition, and hand-eye coordination with a personalized name puzzle. Kids will love seeing their very own name in puzzle form, especially those with unique names or spellings. Made in the U.S., this all wooden puzzle has room for up to 12 characters, all painted with colorful non-toxic paint.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge fan of all toys – but I have long called puzzles the most perfect toy. Puzzles enrich our kids’ lives so much…I’ll happily surround them in all the puzzles we can find. There are obviously other kinds of puzzles which we won’t include like crosswords, riddles, picture puzzles, and math problems.

Plus it will build confidence once your kiddo can show off their completed puzzle. No glue or other materials are needed as the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions guide your child through the assembly. If your kids aren’t into the elephant design, the company makes lots of other challenging shapes. Toys that are educational are as important as toys that are entertaining.

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