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Our fully-licensed security operatives perform their mobile patrols in every corner of the county, including Warrington, Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Widnes, and beyond. All of our security guards are highly-trained and fully-licensed professionals, meaning that they will act professionally if they come across signs of a break-in or criminal damage at your property. Our mobile security patrols London are available across the UK and can be delivered as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our Key Holding and Alarm Response service. Though based in Hammersmith, West London, we offer our affordable security services nationwide.

Lodge Service will assign fully trained and licensed SIA security officers to have the responsibility for responding to out-of-hours alarm activations and securing the site on your behalf. Key Patrol provides cost-effective solutions to your business or domestic premises 24/7. Each security guard is individually vetted and selected from some of the UK’s most elite military units.

Our mobile security patrols can be reinforced with a full-time residential security guard and security dog if required. Our security guards can also act as property custodians during your prolonged absence on business or holiday. Mobile patrols are a key service to support all industries including construction, retail, corporate and commercial. Mobile patrols generally operate alongside existing CCTV monitoring and/or manned guarding, and it’s a security service that is active day and night. If you have larger business premises such as a construction site or industrial site, manned guarding and mobile patrols are a great solution for maintaining the security of your site and reducing the risk of crime.

Churchill Support Services provides professional mobile security patrols across the UK and at any time of the day or night. As well as comprehensive protection for outdoor spaces, Churchill Support Services can also provide internal mobile patrols. The mobile security supervisor will be able to access your grounds with a set of keys given to us by you, in order to patrol the interior of your property or outbuildings. Whether deployed at a specific property or collective properties on a street, whether occupied or vacant, Intrepid Protection mobile security patrols are affordable and provides the most effective form of protection for your home. The company currently manages in excess of 4000 mobile patrols, key holding and alarm response contracts with locally based support offices in Cambridge, Peterborough, Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Kings Lynn and Chelmsford. We need the best drivers who are technology savvy, comfortable working independently and enjoy a demanding environment.

Please complete this form with your contact details and the security services you would like a quote for and one of our team will get back to you. It is reassuring to know that you are protecting your property and making sure that you, your family or staff members are not being placed in a potentially dangerous situation. In addition, as a director or manager, revisions to the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 means you are responsible for members of staff who may be put in a potentially hazardous situations when attending an alarm activation at your premises. A full detailed report will then be provided to our pre-arranged contact within the business.

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