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We recommend checking out metro stops, local parks, and restaurants. This will help you feel right at home more quickly. Everyone wants their move made as quickly as possible. We want to make it happen as fast as possible, too. Usually, we have another move lined up when we’re done with you. We’re professionals, but that doesn’t mean we traded our souls and personalities to achieve that.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, this company is completely owned and operated by United States veterans. Our team of highly skilled packers and movers protects these items with curator-like care. We want to provide each and every Morgan Manhattan customer with the finest moving and storage experience they have ever had. So, stop searching for “moving companies near me” and start following our advice and tips to get the most out of your move in New York City. Yes, those reviews are real, some NYC Movers offer discounts to customers if they will leave a 5 star review. New York apartments are known to be on the smaller side, so in most cases, we can fit everything in one trip.

Few things are worse than moving in NYC, whether it’s during peak summer heat or in the dead of winter. But moving in NYC during a pandemic presents its own set of unique challenges. We know the struggle of packing up basically your entire life in boxes and moving . If you’re moving soon, fear not, as this guide will help you navigate the beginnings of your new life in a new borough — or a new street if you’re just moving a few blocks over. Your moving service in New York City needs to be able to handle the city’s unique challenges.

If you’re ready to hire furniture movers in NYC and you want to go local, get in touch with Lou. Look, most big moving companies would laugh if you asked them to move one piece of furniture in NYC or at least charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege. Awkward items that need to be packed and moved by a professional with experience. If you have a choice, most moving companies suggest prior to the end of the month & during the first half of the year. At these times vans and trained personnel are more readily available. Top-quality care, unbeatable customer service and fair prices.

Our hauler trucks are also designed to be just the right size for your move. We’re not going to send you our biggest truck when all you need is space for a few boxes. It’s unnecessary and makes everybody’s life difficult.

They worked very quickly and efficiently, and all of my belongings were moved safely and without damage. I was seriously impressed with the speed at which it all to done, yet everything was done to perfection. Piece of Cake Movers moved me from the Financial District to the Hudson Valley in June 2022. The two men that worked the moved were polite, careful, efficient and knowledgeable. Not a scratch on anything including the brand new apartment I moved into. In Manhattan the logistics are more complicated yet Piece of Cake rose to the occasion in every way.

All of our packing supplies are biodegradable or recyclable, to lessen the amount of waste on your move. I think its my duty to let New Yorkers know about good service as the city is overloaded with scams. I have been using their service for a long time now. Every time I move, all I have to do is fill out a tiny questioner and I get a…

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