Maternity & nursing wear

We also stock the staples – blacks and whites in maternity bras across sizes. Your rib-cage and cup size may increase over the course of pregnancy, and even more in the first few months of breastfeeding. The Everything Bra was designed to have flex upwards in both band and cup size to accommodate the normal fluctuations that many people experience in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Browse our collection of nursing bra & feel secure, comfy & sexy as you settle into your new life with baby.

Bra measuring services are available in three of its stores, though you’re most likely to find the most options of nursing bras and stylish maternity wear at the Central store. When you’re nursing, wearing a properly fitting bra is more important than ever. To help, here’s a handy guide on what to expect and how to stay comfortable and supported (bra-wise at least!) throughout your pregnancy, during the breastfeeding stage, and beyond. Our maternity bra is made using soft Tencel™ ModalMicro fabric, having a keyhole for insertable pads built in that can be used as a padded bra. Functions perfectly as a pregnancy bra or a feeding bra with the elastane finish and a wrap-over front.

Learn more about Tencel™, and what blends of different unique compositions we use in our products sometimes along with A-grade cotton. We also use 100% plastic-free packaging across the board and our little bags double as underwear laundry hampers. To optimize breast health across every breastfeeding Stage by reducing restrictive elements. However, we did include slits to insert breast pads if you prefer more coverage. We worked with an IBCLC lactation expert to break breastfeeding into three Stages, based on your body’s needs across the journey.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should wear Hotmilk’s flexi-wire bras during nursing and beyond. Breastfeeding bras have 6 hooks at the back allowing you to extend the bra out with your pregnancy and clip back closer after you have given birth. Hotmilk follows global recommendations that a nursing bra should not have hard metal wires, we either use no wires at all, or flexiwires allowing the bra to move with your body.

Join CakeMama Club and you’ll receive 10% OFF your first order, earn CakeCoins every time you shop or leave a review, plus get member exclusive offers & more. Fitting Assistance Use our online fitting room tools to find that perfect fit. Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural experience; it is a unique time when you feel very close to your baby.

This is when your breasts first dramatically increase in size due to the introduction of the milk supply (it’s getting real now, mama!). Bosoms will be at their maximum size, weight and tenderness due to the milk production. Your seamless bra from the first three to six months of your pregnancy will also come in handy here. In the first three months of breastfeeding , your bra should stretch to accommodate the growing and often engorged milk-producing areas of your breasts.

Designed around the idea of fuss-free feeding, this hypoallergenic and tag-free bra is perfect for nursing or for all day comfort enveloping you in a touch of lightness. Your body and breasts will change through each trimester, so you may require different sizes throughout your pregnancy. A perfectly fitting bra should not be too tight, and sit beneath your bust with the band flat across your back.

The nursing bra has safe and flexible underwires, is padded and has wide straps for additional support. The smooth material means you can wear this underwired bra under any shirt and can complete the look with matching pants. Once you’ve given birth, you will need a bra that is specially designed for the changes your body is going through and also makes breastfeeding that little bit easier. You’ll easily find a suitable nursing bra in the Noppies range. From essential basic to stylish nursing bra with lace or a delicate pattern. Noppies nursing bras are functional and comfortable but also pretty enough to be seen.

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