Ornamental Bark Mulch Standard Bulk Bag

At Fire Guru, our kiln dried logs are heat treated to the core, with moisture content of below 20%. That means more energy, less smoke and, whether you are celebrating, warming or cooking; a premium quality wood that burns longer for less, with no chemicals or unwanted odours. Changing weather conditions can have an effect on the soil health where wind and rain can blow or wash away vital nutrients for the plants. • HALF LOOSE TIP – Each 0.3cu.m loose tip covers approx. Give beds, borders and shrubs extra insulation and drainage during the colder months with our Eco Soil Improving Mulch. Bulk bag ideal for covering large areas and bulk discounts available.

Our high quality decorative bark chippings are a fantastic way to add a rustic element to a wide variety of landscaping projects. Remember to cover the area with a weed membrane first and then add a thick layer of bark to create a tidy and sleek finish – it really is as simple as that. Ornamental bark not only looks good but also benefits your plants. Bark chippings protect plant roots against adverse weather conditions by insulating them during winter months. Bark helps to suppress weeds by stopping sunlight from reaching the little seeds that form when weeds are first developing, therefore reducing time spent you spend on garden maintenance.

As well as our own range of bark chippings and mulch, we also supply landscape bark and play grade bark chippings from Rolawn and Melcourt. With our price match pledge and free delivery in the local area, you can rely on us at AWBS for everything you need for your project. The bark chippings are specifically designed for landscaping use. The decorative Bark mulch bulk bags is perfect for dressing and protecting flower beds from frost and dehydration. The shredded bark is ideal for use in borders, edgings, pathways and other similar landscaping applications. The decorative bark combined with WeedTex helps bring colour and texture to your garden.

Please note, our ProMulch product has now been discontinued. If you are looking for an alternative, try our Compost Soil Improver, Landscaping Bark or Play Grade Bark – all of which can be used for mulching. Our Silver Playpit Sand is the ideal product for children’s play areas as it is non toxic and will not stain clothes. A great cost effective alternative to other mulches and barks.

Our PEAT FREE Organic Multi Purpose Compost is a black, friable compost that is full of nutrients – the perfect tool to help you easily transform a… Click hereto visit our delivery information page for further details. Our Mini Bulk Bags which are 700mm x 700mm x 750mm and level filled. A great alternative for topping up or if our standard bag contains just a bit too much.

Comes in a 1 tonne bag and is ideal for all landscaping and gardening purposes. You can also read the documentation to learn about Wordfence’s blocking tools, or visit wordfence.com to learn more about Wordfence. Our goal is to combine traditional live-fire cooking with modern research and drying methods to deliver the best cooking fuel. Some might demand quick heat, searing food in seconds to seal in the flavours, caramelise the natural sugars or bake an artisan pizza in a matter of minutes…

Also helps protect plant roots and soil against the elements. Dandy’s Jumbo MultiBag lets you choose two products in a dual bulk bag! Select 500kgs of Topsoil and 500ltrs of Bark to complete your order. Our Winter Garden Bark Mulch is a lovely natural FSC approved product that is great for topping off beds and borders. Dandy’s Landscaping Rubber Chippings are perfect for borders, around plants as a weed suppressing mulch and is ideal for pathways and seating areas… If you require a mixture of loose and/or bulk bag products, you must either place two separate orders or order all goods to be bagged.

Barks and mulches are an easy way to improve the appearance and performance of any garden or play area. They are developed to inhibit weeds, improve moisture retention and insulate plant roots in winter, reducing plant loss. Their natural colour also helps elevate the visual impact of flowers and foliage.

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