Executive Security & Personal Protection Training VIP Protection Course

Life is full of stress, and bad things happen – also to good executive protection agents. Resilient executive protection agents aren’t the ones who never get into tough situations. They’re the ones who cope with adversity and keep the mission on track no matter what. Their approach resembles that of a chess player as they are used to thinking several moves ahead so that they can shape outcomes proactively rather than deal reactively with adverse situations. Forward thinking is an important aspect of quality executive protection.

Countries such as Kenya and India have notoriously poor infrastructure, and travelers here are far more likely to get hurt in a banal traffic accident than in a brutal terrorist attack. A good executive protection agent needs a special mix of smarts and moxie. Discover how our security services can support and enhance your daily business operations. Public access can quickly become bottlenecks, while restricted areas require special security protocols to ensure that only authorized persons can access them. Access control is essential to protect your property, staff and visitors.

We provide highly skilled and experienced close / executive protection operatives on an individual and team basis around the clock or on an ad hoc basis. Our Close / Executive Protection service operates on a very discreet and professional level to provide our clients with the safety they require. Our team of specially trained, accredited and multilingual close / executive protection operatives render essential and flexible services, not only in Hong Kong but wherever the need arises.

Highly motivated executive protection agents don’t do the job for the money or the recognition. Our people set us apart because we hire and train the most qualified personnel to meet our clients’ needs—and we promote continuous development. We gain a unique understanding of local realities and potential threats, so we can apply exclusive on-the-ground knowledge and deliver tailored solutions.

It should also encompass proactive intelligence to identify both probable and possible threats from persons and groups of interest. Unfortunately, all it takes is a very bad event to answer that question. And that is primarily where executive protection varies from hiring a bodyguard. While having a bodyguard with an NFL physique open your limo door looks imposing, executive protection requires risk assessment, advance work and lot’s of legwork to insure all goes according to plan.

This quick reaction force support is made possible because we have several teams and vehicles on the road at all times, all managed from our operations hubs. Simply put, executive protection focusses on maximizing security while minimizing inconvenience to individuals and businesses. Usually, an important figure’s family is as much at risk as the individual themselves. It does not matter that their family members have no connection to their role or business – kidnappers looking to score a ransom or access to company information are not deterred by this.

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