Kefalonia bus Timetable Summer 2018

The bus takes you to Killini to the ferry, where you will go to the passenger room and in 1,5 hour get back on the bus again in the Kefalonian port Poros. Kefalonia has two main ports – one in Poros and one in Sami. Both areas are connected to Argostoli by public buses on a daily basis, with the routes being more frequent during the high season. Argostoli is connected by bus to most areas of the island, so depending on where your accommodation is located, you can board the corresponding bus. KTEL buses run daily between the airport and Argostoli, the capital of the island.

On the plus side is also that the cost for local kefalonia bus is inexpensive compared to a high season rated car. You can look out of the window and watch the island go by instead of being concentrated on the road. The buses from Argostoli leave from KTEL bus station at the harbour front. From Sami, they depart at the KTEL station on the harbour road. From Skala above the little pine forest, where the central Skala street starts. In Agia Efimia the bus stop is located on the main road in the middle of the village.

Throughout all the villages on the island, there are little bus stop signs . Due to the ongoing changes in the bus schedules, we suggest you check out the newest routes and departure times here. To catch the bus to Kefalonia you will need to get to the Kifisou bus station. check over here

If you need a taxi at anytime just ask a local taverna, bar or shop owner to call one for you. Kefalonia has a large area so the distances between its regions can be quite long. For example, the elegant Fiscardo is 21 km from the beach of Myrtos, 50 km from Argostoli and 64 km from the port of Poros. The ΚΤΕΛ has 13 Bus routes in Kefalonia – Κεφαλονιά with 99 Bus stops.

There are public buses on Kefalonia to beaches like Antisamos and Myrtos. The bus would go to Sami and then you get a connecting bus to Antisamos. Or the bus drops you off at Divarata village and you get a connecting bus down to Myrtos beach. As an alternative to flying it is possible to take a coach from London to Athens or Thessaloniki.

If you are not able – or want – to rent a car or moped, you can do a guided tour around the island by bus. We provide a car rental service at the lowest cost and rated . Kefalonia Airport is 8 km from the town and can be reached by taxi, bus or private vehicles.

For ΚΤΕΛ service alerts, please check the Moovit website for real-time info on bus status, bus delays, changes of bus routes, changes of stops and any service changes. Beginning of May the bus schedules for the public busses are still quite basic . At this time of the season, I would suggest hiring a car to get around. In the summer there are connecting buses to the beaches from Divarata and Sami but I am not sure if they run them this early in the season. A taxi from Sami to Antisamos would be possible in that case. A ticket from Kefalonia Airport to Argostoli’s town center costs around 2.00 Euros per person – you can buy tickets from the driver.

Further more during the summer period Kefalonia is directly connected to many European cities with charter flights.

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