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Whether it is a hygrometer, moisture meter, or a device that measures electrical currents, these instruments must be in proper working order if they are to produce the type of results they are expected to. When such instruments are not properly calibrated customers can suffer and there is even risk of physical harm involved. The PM service for real-time PCR instruments includes the above calibration procedures, but also adds additional steps as well as additional documentation on the protocol and the results. All of the same models are covered as listed above, with the only difference being the price-point and the requirements for the laboratory insofar as regulatory compliance is concerned. ANKO Calibration have been servicing our calibrations since 2015.

No other team is as detail oriented, experienced, nor as passionate about what they do as our team is. It is our adherence to high standards for customer service and our commitment to excellence that have made us the number one choice for san diego calibration lab. Biotech and pharam industry standards for instruments are extremely high and strict.

Anko currently has calibration and repair laboratories operating in Southern California. To service our San Diego county customers, we opened our Vista, CA lab in 1997. Anko has always placed the highest importance on acquiring and maintaining state of art calibration and test equipment to ensure full capabilities and meet our customer’s requirements. Anko’s professional metrologists are formally trained on many types of test equipment and take pride in the quality of their workmanship.

Calibration is required for maintaining lab equipment accuracy and precision. Utilizing a NIST traceable calibration standard to compare a standard measurement to the measurement taken by your instrument is critical. Some reasons for doing this are safety of lab personnel, maintaining a consistent production level, data integrity, increasing the longevity of your equipment, and having accurate records for any audit.

Anko professionals are considered to be some of the very best in the business. We provide services to the greater San Diego area and Southern California Coast from our lab centrally located in San Diego. Anko Test Equipment Calibration offers UGC calibration upkeep of precision measuring equipment by UGC in San Diego. As a professional metrology company operating since 1990, our intent has continued to be one-stop convenience through servicing electronic, RF and microwave, mechanical and dimensional, and environmental disciplines. Anko experts are considered to be some of the very best in the business. Some instruments require a much more sensitive and meticulous touch when it comes to calibration.

Allow us do the data entry for you so you can focus on accomplishing what you do best. Micro Precision accredited RF & microwave calibration lab services. Tired of losing time entering your calibration data and tracking your assets? Our 24 hr on line tracking Database allows you to view/print calibration certificates, recall notices, due dates, out to vendor, status reports and much more. You’re calibration program and information can be completely paperless.

Such tools can be sent to one of our accredited laboratories where they will be placed in instrument specific environments and calibrated by our most experienced team members using state of the art equipment. IPS customers can bring their instruments directly to our labs or may elect to have them shipped to us. Moreover, after instruments have been calibrated, IPS offers customers a number of different return options. Instrument calibration and maintenance are an integral part of any operation in manufacturing/ laboratory. Where such analyses lead to air quality policy formulation and the quality of the original data is especially important. This Procedure outlines the basic requirements for the calibration and maintenance of monitoring instruments based primarily on standard monitoring methods.

We specialize in calibration, repair, testing and First Article Inspection in several major industries. We have a 5-Business-Day turnaround time, with expedite options available 24 hr, 48 hr, and 72 hr. We do not sub-contract our work and have the ability to calibrate Primary, Secondary & Working standards in each of our disciplines. We are the metrology company of choice to thousands of customers in Southern California & across the country. With over 20 years of experience in servicing some of America’s largest companies in our targeted industries International Process Solutions is committed to your company’s specific needs.

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